The school nurse provides critical care for Bondeau’s children.

The school nurse provides critical care for Bondeau’s children.

Many rural Haitians live far from clinics and hospitals, and most are too poor to afford care even if facilities were nearby. In cities, most facilities are woefully inadequate; in fact, Haiti lacks a formal healthcare system altogether, and the few facilities that existed before the 2010 earthquake were never rebuilt. As a result, thousands of Haitians die each year of preventable causes.

Because children are especially at risk, South Florida Haiti Project and its partners launched a school nurse program at Bon Samaritan Episcopal School. This trained nurse provides critical care for 325 children, many of whom would not otherwise have access to healthcare. Together with our partners, we have also established a satellite clinic in the nearby community of Matel, which allows us to treat even more people in need.

South Florida Haiti Project also organizes dozens of medical mission trips to Bondeau throughout the year. We assist these groups of doctors and nurses in meeting critical, immediate needs within the community during their stay. To find out how you or your organization can get involved with a medical mission, see our Come on a Pilgrimage page.

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